Community Arts is an independent, research project focused on criticism, theory, and history of contemporary art.

The publication has a problem-thematic nature. It is devoted to certain aspects of contemporary art culture, to the comprehension of which the editors attract best experts. For the convenience of readers, the magazine contains permanent sections and headings. Along with research texts, Community Arts regularly publishes reviews of current exhibition projects, interviews with contemporary artists and curators, unique fashion stories, facts, and expert opinions of the art market.

It's a digital platform and biannual print publication where the spaces of art, fashion, and culture converge.

Community Arts has dedicated to supporting and promoting emerging creative talent alongside established professionals. Today Community Arts is a Russia based and is one of the leading publications for art and fashion photography with a high annual circulation of readers. The Community Arts electronic version is provided by email to art resources, subscribers, and collectors. We are not art dealers and we don’t take a percentage when your art sells through our website. We also don’t art-shipping. We distribute publication of artist's work directly to art industry leaders.

We know from experience how difficult and expensive it is to try to do this yourself, which is the concept behind the magazine: it allows artists to share space in the publication and reach our database of art gallery curators and directors. It's a great way of capturing the attention of industry leaders; similar to exhibiting you're working at an art fair where the visitors are directors and curators of the galleries. It would be impossible to get all these people in one room for obvious reasons, so the magazine is a great way of showcasing your work through Community Arts.

We can offer you publication on our digital platform, publication in a biannual print magazine, and Web banners. 

To submit for approval send us your online portfolio or your most recent works link by contact form. If you are approved, we will notify you within 3 working days.


Editorial staff

Andrey Epishin

Editor in chief

Nadia Schiannini

Art director 

Nikolay Lobaznikov

Managing Editor 

Angelina Deryabina

Design and production 

Tamara Fedina

Team assistant